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COVID-19 is still a relatively new and potentially deadly virus to humans. We must all do what we can to minimise transmission of such disease from human to human.

For official NHS advice on how to stay safe, click here (opens new window).

DTS Driver Training, as a professional and regulated driving school, have the responsibility to keep our customers and staff safe. As members of the DIA (Driving Instructors Association), we constantly get updates and advice on how to minimise risk in a confined space such as a training vehicle for learners.

When face covering is a legal requirement:

Unless medically exempt, trainers, pupils and examiners MUST wear a face covering in a training/testing vehicle.

When face covering is not legal requirement:

When it is not a legal requirement to wear a face covering in a training vehicle, it would be replaced with government guidance. The Prime Minister has said that the government "expects and recommends" that face coverings are worn in crowded and enclosed spaces even when it is not legal requirement to wear one.

In these circumstances, our trainers still work with multiple customers a day, in enclosed spaces… and therefore many of our trainers and customers would, understandably, feel more comfortable continuing wearing a face covering for the foreseeable future. Our trainers would understand if a customer wants them to wear a face covering, and vice versa. Mutual respect is key. Face covering would still be a legal requirement during driving tests unless medically exempt (which is to be declared when booking tests).

Customers who are medically exempt from wearing a face covering will still not be expected to wear one during driving lessons. This applies to a lot of our current customers who have learning difficulties or suffer from extreme anxiety or depression.

Regardless, we would of course still expect everyone to stay clean and hygienic, and wash/sanitise their hands before and after a driving lesson. Our trainers will also continue to clean/sanitise their training vehicles between lessons - staff and customer safety remains our top priority.

Driver training is an important sector of our economy. The work we do is so diverse for so many people who need it for social and professional reasons. We endeavour to keep providing these important services to our customers as long as we are allowed to. Under these unprecedented circumstances, we are are currently advised to follow the safety protocols outlined below. As DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) and NASP (National Association Strategic Partnership)  continues to update and advise the driver training industry, we will update our customers.



Our trainers will not be conducting any lesson if them or the customer experience any COVID-19 symptoms, and if such situations arises, the training lesson must NOT go ahead.

To avoid unnecessary travelling time and expenses for the trainer, you MUST let the trainer know prior to the lesson if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, have recently travelled from "high risk" areas, or have been told to self-isolate by NHS Track & Trace.

Our trainers will clean all "points of contact" of the vehicle prior to a training lesson, including the key. He or she will be also wearing sensible clothing, and a face covering. We would advise our customers to also wear sensible clothing and supply/wear your own similar PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Please note the NHS advice that wearing latex gloves should not substitute hand washing - you MUST wash your hands prior to the lesson (for at least 20 seconds with soap - in line with government guidelines) or use antibacterial hand gel. Please be aware of any latex allergies if you decide to wear latex gloves. If you wish to purchase a facemask from your trainer for £1, please let your trainer know. If you are medically exempt, you are not expected to wear a face covering.

Your trainer will use their own antibacterial hand gel before greeting you (please bring your own for yourself to use if you need any). There will be no handshakes. If your trainer witnesses any COVID-19 symptoms from you at this point, the training lesson must NOT go ahead.

Once you are in the training vehicle, your trainer may explain the safety protocols during the training lesson. If your trainer asks to see your photocard licence, it should be held by yourself. Do not pass it to your trainer.

Payment for the training lesson should be made via bank transfer rather than by cash if possible. As per our usual T&C's, this should be made prior to the lesson commencing. Please note our cancellation policies under normal circumstances still applies.


The windows will be kept at least partially open when possible to maximise ventilation. This is another reason to wear sensible clothing as it may be colder than usual. Your trainer will offer to control the temperature in the training vehicle if necessary.

We are currently unable to allow supervisors in training lessons. Please also refrain from bringing unnecessary items to your training lesson.

There should be no physical contact between you and your trainer at all during the training lesson. Your trainer will not ask you to touch any of our training resources. If the customer coughs or sneezes, the trainer may wipe down the affected areas with anti-bacterial wipes and throw it away in a disposable bin bag (that they change regularly). If the trainer needs to intervene for driving safety reasons, i.e. grabbing the steering wheel, they may also wipe down the steering wheel again for your safety.

If your trainer is to offer any "demonstration drive", they may clean the hand controls before and after the demonstration drive.

During any discussions during training, trainers and customers are advised not to directly face one another. Debriefs at the end of the lesson should be kept at a minimal - your trainer will be more than happy to discuss detailed debriefs with you over the phone or via text or email later that day.

The quality of your training lesson will not be impacted by these extra safety precautions. Our client-centred approaches must still be delivered to ensure the customer receives the best possible service and enjoyment. The lesson content and structure will remain appropriate for your level.


Your trainer will not shake your hand. They will remove their PPE if they are wearing any and dispose of them, wash/sanitise their hands.

Our trainers will wipe down the vehicle point of contacts again before driving off.

They will repeat the full process for their next client.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please do not hesitate to speak your trainer.