Ian G (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy's natural ability to attune to my developmental needs really helped build my confidence in all aspects of driving, including him as an instructor. He manages to build a relational framework that offers the right amount of support which is also a credit to his friendly, genuine nature. Jimmy's method of coaching offers an open two way communication that is informative and easy to digest. I would recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone that thinks they would benefit from a full immersive experience regardless of age or level of competence when starting out. It's very clear when you meet the DTS Driver Training team that they are passionate about creating good, safe drivers. I can't thank them enough!"

Fatou C (Driving Lessons)
"Best driving school about! I passed first time today with a clean sheet! Most of my friends passed with DTS Driver Training! Thank you so much! Highly recommended driving school!!!!"

Jackie L (Driving Lessons)
"I passed my driving test today first time with no faults. I'm shocked and feel very overwhelmed. I could not have done it without the patience from Jimmy. I can't thank him enough. I highly recommend him. The lesson before my test I broke down cos I kept messing up as I was so nervous but thanks to Jimmy I got through it."

Reece T (Taxi Training)
"DTS Driver Training really is the best. I was guided throughout my whole taxi training learning journey and now I can start my career! Thanks to Jimmy!"

Vicky K (Driving Lessons)
"I would highly recommend DTS Driver Training!!!! I've suffered with anxieties and nerves about driving for a long time. Jimmy has been the most patient and calming instructor. An absolutely fantastic way of coaching to help you gain the experiences and skills needed for driving. He has worked so hard to help me build my confidence. Jimmy puts in an amazing amount of work with every student and goes at their own pace, making your leaning experience individually designed for you. Thank you Jimmy for everything!"

Kirsten W (Driving Lessons)
"If you are contemplating what instructor or company to go with, make this your choice!! Since i was 17 i never felt confident enough to feel I could even learn to drive, I tried a few instructors but it still didn't make me feel any better. I came across DTS Driver Training and thank god I did!! I honestly couldn't have done it without Jimmy. He is incredibly patient and kind, and works so so hard to give you confidence each week. I struggled before with motivating myself to carry on having driving lessons but with Jimmy, i never wanted to miss a lesson, I pushed myself for both of us as he worked so hard. I know for a fact i wouldn't be driving for years if i didn't get in contact with DTS Driver Training! Jimmy is absolutely awesome and I would recommend him to every learner driver. Thank you for everything Jimmy, can't thank you enough :)"

Lauren V (Driving Lessons)
"Thank you so much Jimmy!! Made the lessons really pleasant and enjoyable, taught me a lot more than what I learnt with my previous instructor. Jimmy's methods were exactly what I needed to push me to pass! I would definitely recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone"

Alex M (Driving Lessons)
"I've been with two instructors before Jimmy and he was by far the best. Before him I hadn't really been pushed with my driving, but after starting lessons with Jimmy, my driving improved rapidly. He's an incredibly good instructor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!"

Martin J (Driving Lessons)
"After many years of putting off driving, I was recommended Jimmy as 'a great driving instructor'. That recommendation was spot on, the last few months Jimmy has been calm and concise throughout our lessons. He has adapted his style to get the best out of me, both when things are going well and not so well. He really does want you to do well and gives you a confidence in yourself, even in those moments of doubt. Jimmy is incredibly humble but his results do the talking for him. If you are reading this and the other testimonials on the page and still thinking of which driving instructor you should go with. Stop.. you should be thinking why wouldn't I choose DTS Driver Training."

Maryam A (Driving Lessons)
"Thank you very much for helping me pass my test, I couldn't have done it without the amazing and friendly service. I will recommend DTS Driver Training to all my friends and families"

Ryan F (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy was my second Instructor. I can't express how much help and support I was given. Definitely helped me with my confidence on the road. Would definitely recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone whether you are a brand new driver or just want to brush up on anything!"

Suzie W (Driving Lessons)
"I passed my practical test today and all I have to say is a massive thank you to Jimmy. He is the best Driving Instructor to have as he is very calm in the lessons and has bucket loads of confidence in you all the way from the start. I have had a few bumps on my learning journey and wanted to quit driving a few times but Jimmy helped me get through my fears and thanks to him I passed with a CLEAN SHEET! I would definitely recommend Jimmy to anybody as he is a wonderful, professional Instructor but also a very friendly, approachable man. Thank you so much Jimmy!!!"

Steph F (Driving Lessons & Pass PLus)
I passed first time today and I couldn't have done that without Jimmy as my instructor! DTS Driver Training isn't just another driving school it really is tailored to you and Jimmy works on your abilities and weaknesses to make you that better driver. He really is awesome! He's patient, kind and blimey does he make you work hard!....that's why he's the best....he pushes you when you need it and he doesn't make you feel bad when you make mistakes! Even though I struggled then improved then even some days felt I did terribly again, Jimmy was there building my confidence back up, making me learn so I didn't do them again. Cannot thank him enough for making me a safe driver, because as a mum of four little ladies I need to drive well and safe! Always going to be improving now too!!! Especially without those bare, balding skinny legs of Jimmy's putting me off LOL! At the end of the day everyone will have an opinion on who's the best to go with & everyone won't always say the same but if your reading this you can be sure your on to a winner with Jimmy.......Good luck to all new learners x"

Will B (Driving Lessons - Trial Test)
"Thank you so much, you have changed my life! I will be recommending DTS Driver Training to everyone I know!"

Kenny C (Driving Lessons - Automatic)
"I passed my test today and it is all thanks to DTS Driver Training! Very professional and treated me like an individual. I needed my licence for work and so I owe Driven To Success everything! Thanks mate!" 

Rob T (Driving Lessons)
"I passed today with DTS Driver Training. Jimmy is very patient and his lessons are good value for money. I could never of passed without him, highly recommended!!!"

Carl A (Pass Plus)
"After a few conversations with Jimmy about the Pass Plus course, I opted to give it a try in order to enhance my driving skills further and increase my confidence on the roads. As has always been the case in our previous lessons, I felt in a safe environment with Jimmy's guidance. I gained valuable experience on the motorway which will now ease my concerns about any journey for prolonged periods of time. I would highly recommend Pass Plus for those wanting to gain extra confidence for all future long distance journeys."

Khalid M (Pass Plus)
"Thank you for all your help Jimmy! I have learnt so much in the Pass Plus course and I would recommend you to everyone I know!"

Srinivasa M (Driving Lessons – Automatic)
“I have never met anyone so friendly. Jimmy always speaks to me positively and constantly corrects faults. Our driving lessons never felt like a driving lesson, but rather like driving around with a friend. He gets a 5/5 from me. Amazing instructor!”

Dale H (Driving Lessons)
“I've recently passed my test with Jimmy and just wanted to let everyone know how fantastic he has been. I've had other instructors in the past and have lost all confidence in driving so was apprehensive about getting back behind the wheel however, with Jimmy I felt confident and comfortable from the go as he inspired me to do well and gave me the boost I needed. All my lessons were enjoyable and productive and every lesson I felt I had learnt something new. Jimmy really goes the extra mile for all his customers and if there was a score higher than 5, he'd definitely deserve it, thanks Jimmy!”

Carl A (Driving Lessons – Automatic)
“Having been taking lessons with Jimmy since September, I recently passed my automatic test on my first attempt. No faults, rather much like Jimmy's methods of tutoring. From my very first day, Jimmy kept me calm and very quickly helped me to get over a lot of my initial worries and was always there to lend a helping hand, even outside of lessons. Jimmy's hands-on approach really helped me grow in confidence on the road in a shorter space of time than I could have imagined and lessons were always something that I looked forward to. Every week brought about new challenges that kept me on my toes and further cemented the fact that learning to drive never stops, all of which I felt I could handle with Jimmy's help. I would happily recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone wanting to build the necessary skills and confidence to become a driver. Thanks Jimmy!”

Emily S (Driving Lessons – Special Needs)
“Jimmy is a great instructor who is friendly and supportive. He provides great lessons where you learn a lot in each lesson! He is passionate about success and his great encouragement and support is what made me pass my driving test today first time”

Khalid M (Driving Lessons)
“I really enjoyed learning with Jimmy, he is amazing and very patient he gave me all the help I needed and because of him I now feel very confident in my driving”

Matt W (Driving Lessons)
“Thanks Jimmy for all the help and support, top man. Highly recommend DTS Driver Training”

Emma M (Driving Lessons)
“Amazing instructor to deal with me and get me through my test!! Thank you so much Jimmy! You absolute legend!!! X”

Jamie L (Driving Lessons)
“I passed my test first time yesterday and I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone! He is a fantastic instructor and an all round awesome guy. After a year’s break from learning I was a little nervous about starting to drive again, but from the first lesson Jimmy made me feel at ease. The support throughout was great and his enthusiasm for teaching made learning really enjoyable. I am glad I chose to learn with Jimmy as his expert knowledge and advice really helped me to pick things up quickly and pass with 1 minor. Thanks for everything mate!”

Tom S (Driving Lessons)
“When I started my lessons with Jimmy I had no experience at all but thanks to his calm and relaxed teaching style I soon gained confidence and skill. He was very understanding and helped me overcome any issues I had with helpful advice. Thanks to jimmy I went from not having any experience and being nervous behind the wheel to being confident while driving and passing first time with no minors. Thanks Jimmy”

Gareth L (Driving Lessons)
“Before I met Jimmy, I had absolutely zero experience with driving, other than being a passenger in a car and watching other people drive me about. I decided that is wasn't to be the case anymore and was recommended to Jimmy by my fiancé. My first lesson was on an dark evening and we drove around quieter areas so I could get a feel for the car, this being my first time sitting in the drivers seat. I was made to feel relaxed and at ease and each step we were going to do was explained to me beforehand. There were a few times when a particular manoeuvre was demonstrated to me before I made the attempt myself, but this helped me a great deal. Without this form of teaching, I think I would have struggled with making it had I just been told what to do. If I made an error during a lesson, we spoke about where I had gone wrong, identified my error and went over it again until I was happy that I could do it without any promoting - practice makes perfect! Jimmy’s calm approach to each lesson made it easy, he tells me what can be improved on and praised me when it was due. If I hear of anyone who wants to learn to drive, I wouldn't hesitate in telling them to get in contact with Jimmy, they won't regret it!”

Nathan G (Driving Lessons)
“Lessons were both enjoyable and productive! I picked things up quickly and Jimmy was always quick to point out errors and how to correct them. Jimmy is a very patient Instructor and I never felt rushed or hurried in my learning. I always felt relaxed in the car. Jimmy is a very knowledgeable Instructor, always showing me new things which helped me build up my general knowledge quickly which meant I felt comfortable in the car. It felt amazing when I passed my test first time - it makes all the hours worthwhile and passing first time shows the quality of lessons I received. It was definitely the right choice to go with DTS Driver Training and people talk highly about Jimmy, and I couldn't recommend Jimmy any higher myself to people who are looking to learn. Overall a great, knowledgeable bloke and are very patient when it comes to instructing, always pointing out useful hints and tips to help me progress”

Kelsey M (Pass Plus)
"The Pass Plus is excellent and is definitely a must for new drives, especially if you haven't had a chance to expand your driving further than local route. I took the Pass Plus 6 months after passing first time. I was a very confident learner and a confident driver for the first few months. However a routine of the same route to and from work and the odd shopping trip, new roads made me nervous. After experiencing a crash as a passenger I got more nervous and drove even less. I chose the Pass Plus because it teaches advanced driving skills on a range of roads which is what, after discussing with Jimmy, is what we felt was needed to get me back on the road. Because of the length of the Pass Plus I got pass the initial nerves and enjoyed the drive. Having a friendly, talkative Instructor helped keep me calm and helped made the drive enjoyable. Jimmy was very encouraging and praised good driving skills adding to my confidence and letting me know I was doing well. The tips and advice I got to improve my driving for the future was very useful and look forward to my increased freedom. Thank you for all of your help I will not hesitate to contact you again if I need another hour or so of help, and if I do go on to do my trailer test in the future."

Chandler B (Driving Lessons)
"Before getting in the car with jimmy on my 17th birthday I hadn't had any experience at all but from the moment I got in the car with him he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Jimmy is very chilled and a great guy to be around, I enjoyed every lesson and it will be a shame I won't be having anymore with him but I will definitely be recommending Jimmy to all my friends. I would 100% give Jimmy a 10/10 because there's nothing I can fault about him, all round a top guy and the best Instructor. I wish him the best, thank you!"

Jenna S (Refresher Lessons)
“I had some refresher lessons with Jimmy despite having passed my test a while ago. I struggled with dual carriageways and nerves had took over and I completely lost confidence so have always avoided them since I passed my test! After some guidance, I realised I can do it and have gained my confidence back. Jimmy is always understanding and not judgmental. Thank you jimmy”

Georgia L (Driving Lessons)
“Learning to drive with DTS Driver Training was the best decision I could have made when choosing an Instructor. I had no driving experience on my first lesson and Jimmy was patient and very motivating when I found things difficult. I had a massive confidence issue, I really struggled with driving independently and making decisions when driving, but Jimmy really helped me to build my confidence every lesson. He put me forward for the trial test which I really enjoyed, especially using the sat-nav, as it really helped with my independent driving. The self evaluation parts of the lesson also helped me to clearly see what I had improved on each week as well as  what I needed to work on next time. Without Jimmy's excellent teaching and patience I don't think I could have passed my practical test first time with the confidence I have now. I would definitely recommend Jimmy to anyone looking for a good quality instructor.”

Joe T (Driving Lessons – Automatic)
“Quality Instructor, down to earth and easy to get on with. 10/10!”

Darren K (Driving Lessons)
“When I started learning to drive a car, I had been riding a moped. Jimmy has helped me through my theory test including lending me revision books which was a big help. My first lesson with Jimmy was brilliant and couldn't wait for my next one to happen. Jimmy is one heck of a Instructor and I'm going to make sure that if anyone need lessons to go to this man right here. It has been a great experience, and more importantly it wasn't just about passing the test but about safety and having the right attitude behind the wheel. Jimmy always had answers to my questions and when I passed (first time) I was so pleased with myself and all thanks to DTS Driver Training. Would recommend Jimmy to anyone... brilliant Instructor!!"

​Maddie C (Driving Lessons)
“I started with Jimmy after a few less than successful lessons with another instructor, nervous and doubting my driving ability, but Jimmy’s patient and friendly manner soon put me at ease. Though I don’t remember much from my first lesson, if  was anything like the ones that followed then I was left with a smile on my face, knowledge in my head, and a new experience to share with anyone that would listen. From that first lesson right up until the drive home after my test, Jimmy has been a constant source of support, both through his kind words and the extremely helpful revision diagrams, sheets and videos that he provided. I am thrilled to have passed my test and gained the freedom that comes with it, but I can’t deny the slight sadness that I won’t have Jimmy chatting alongside me in the car. I would gladly recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone wishing to become  a confident and experienced driver, since I cannot fault the teaching I have received.”

Bayley L (Driving Lessons)
“Jimmy was recommended by a family member for being an excellent Instructor. He is extremely patient and helped me out a lot. I have never driven a car before and got taught lots even in my first lesson. I learnt something new in every lesson even on my last lesson before my test. Jimmy was also very flexible with times and always managed to fit me in round my silly work hours. Jimmy was a good choice to go with and I will be recommending him to everyone I can! Jimmy has made me a confident driver and I can't thank Jimmy enough for helping me pass first time!”

Renata M (Refresher Lessons)
"I passed my driving test 6 years ago in Lithuania and hadn't driven since. The test was at a low standard and pass rates were high. When I moved to England, I realised I needed some driving lessons to keep up with UK driving standards. I first had an instructor who wasn't helpful at all, had no patience and gave up on me. I was very nervous and lacked confidence. Jimmy helped me to build my confidence whilst driving and was very friendly and patient. I would highly recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone looking to learn to drive. I've now bought my own car and feel confident driving independently"

Donna H (Driving Lessons – Automatic)
"I started driving with my previous Instructor, but unfortunately due to serious confidence issues and not being ready, failed four times. I then decided that finding a new instructor would be in my best interests. I found out about DTS Driver Training through a friend and read great reviews. Jimmy made me feel at ease right from the first lesson and taught me a whole new way of driving and road safety. We had quite an intensive course and although I gave up on driving a manual car, Jimmy didn't give up on me driving and passing. We decided that going for an automatic licence would suit me better with confidence and also in long term health issues. I am glad to say I passed with just one driver fault, and felt fantastic. Jimmy never gave up or discouraged me from trying and doing my best to achieve a pass. I have come so far with my confidence with his help and patience over the time we have spent on lessons. He is a genuinely nice guy and very easy to talk to and felt reassured on all my lessons. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of starting lessons or changing instructors."

Ian P (Taxi Training)
“With Jimmy’s professional help, I managed to pass my taxi test in Bury St. Edmunds today. Jimmy’s tuition was a massive help! Many thanks!”

Matt W (Refresher Lessons)
“After driving for years, I decided to get a professional assessment with DTS Driver Training. Jimmy was friendly, calming and professional - he made me aware of things I didn’t know and needed help with, and answered all my questions. Jimmy always made me feel comfortable in the car. Highly recommended!”

Joe M (Driving Lessons)
"When I started learning to drive I had a full motorcycle licence but no experience with driving cars. My first lesson with Jimmy was so much fun but had to get use to driving a car rather than a bike. I thought Jimmy was a really good Instructor and any questions I had he answered, and made sure I understood his points. Jimmy had to get me out of bad biker habits as well e.g. Lane discipline on roundabouts and make me a safer driver. When I passed my test I was so pleased with myself and all thanks to DTS Driver Training. Would recommend Jimmy to anyone... brilliant Instructor!!"

Callum A (Driving Lessons)
“I have had some driving experience before. I hadn't driven for a while by the time I had my first lesson with DTS Driver Training so Jimmy let me drive independently to see where my skills were at. Jimmy coached me and brought me up to speed with proper procedures. He was very easy to talk to and shows genuine care when coaching me, which made lessons easy going and enjoyable. I feel that he gave me enough information each lesson without overloading me with different things. He also sent me a link to a video he made on the show me tell me questions which was very helpful along with detailed information on expectations of the test day. I was nervous on test day but confident I would pass as long as I drove how I was trained. I'm lucky I chose Jimmy as my instructor, he made the experience enjoyable and gave me confidence, he's a great guy and I will be referring DTS Driver Training to others!”

Lauren F (Driving Lessons)
"I've never been behind the wheel of car before so I was completely naive as to what to expect but Jimmy made me feel at ease from day one. The first lesson wasn't as scary as I expected and I even managed to go 30mph which felt amazing! The lessons to follow were just as enjoyable with out of town drives, country road driving and inner city driving! Jimmy was always attentive and definately went the extra mile with extra learning materials; YouTube videos, road diagrams and print outs! I feel that Jimmy's experience definately helped me achieve my first time pass and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him! I recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive to go with DTS Driver Training and Jimmy will be sure to put all effort in to help you pass confidently!"

Amanda R (Driving Lessons)
“I was really nervous on my first lesson but Jimmy was really calm and patient with me and was really helpful. I’ve always enjoyed my lessons with Jimmy I always looked forward to them every week. I learnt a lot every lesson and this is down to Jimmy being a very friendly and approachable Driving Instructor. He provided me with revision sheets and videos as well and he always explain things in great detail. I couldn’t quite believe it at first but I’m now very excited and happy that I passed my test first time (it was the new trial test introducing two new manoeuvres, satnav use and operating car controls on the move)! I now feel confident about driving with the skills I learnt from Jimmy. It was the right choice to go with DTS Driver Training because Jimmy is so helpful, calm and always goes the extra mile to help his learners. I would definitely rate jimmy 10 out of 10 and will recommended him to other learners.”

Purcela E (Driving Lessons)
“Jimmy is very professional, a great instructor! He also help me to believe in my self more. Highly recommended! 5*!!!”

Steve T (Taxi training)
“I was recommended to go with DTS Driver Training from a friend. I have been driving for 22 years but needed to pass the DVSA taxi test to take up my new job in Stowmarket. Jimmy has been absolutely fantastic, a really down to earth guy and full of knowledge. He helped me take my driving to the taxi standard level to pass the advance test. I thought I knew it all, but it wasn’t till Jimmy gave me an initial assessment did I realise I was far from being at taxi driver standard. Jimmy is always calm, so approachable and always has an answer to all my questions. He helped me get through the taxi manoeuvres and taxi test questions as well as training me to a level that is expected of a taxi driver. I passed my Private Hire taxi test in Bury St. Edmunds today and am over the moon. Really couldn’t have done it without a top Instructor. Many thanks Jimmy!”

Josh B (Driving Lessons)
"I have been very happy with all my lessons and have definitely learnt something new each time! The revision sheets and videos given to me really helped. I was so happy that I passed first time! I now feel very confident as a driver! I would recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone! Thanks!"

Kirsty W (Pass Plus)
"After a whole fun-filled day being a tourist driving into and around London I can happily say I have gained a lot more confidence! Between passing my test and doing my Pass Plus I have never overtook anyone on dual carriageways unless it was clear (with no motorway experiences).. and by taking part in the Pass Plus course I experienced the busy London roads, saw a lot of signs I've never seen before and even went through a borough which was 20 mph, which I wasn't used to. If it wasn't for Jimmy suggesting the Pass Plus scheme, I don't think id ever have the confidence to drive to London, the M25 or anywhere out of my comfort zone. Now that I've completed Pass Plus course I feel I'm able to do these roads with confidence. This is something I'd strongly suggest doing to friends and family that have just passed their driving test to help them out with their future journeys!"

​Sara M (Driving Lessons)
"I first started learning to drive about 25 years ago and stopped (due to numerous different reasons) before I actually took a driving test.  I then found that I really wanted to get my driving license to have more freedom and the ability to drive my kids around.  A good friend recommended Jimmy to me as she also passed her test first time with him. I found Jimmy to be a really enthusiastic and conscientious Driving Instructor.  He worked out my weaknesses very quickly and really pushed me to improve my confidence.  He put 100% into every lesson. In the days before my test he was able to find extra time for a last minute lesson and provided really helpful revision notes and YouTube videos.  I felt completely ready for my driving test and I had all the information I could have needed from Jimmy. I would recommend Jimmy to friends and family as he puts a 100% into his lessons and showed a lot of commitment throughout the whole process. I passed my test first time and I feel confident and ready to start driving!". 

Kirsty W (Driving Lessons)
“So today I finally passed my test.. honestly couldn’t have done it without Jimmy.. so patient and helped me so much. I wasn’t motivated at all to do my theory and Jimmy helped me believe I can do it if I put my mind to it and work hard, I also done this with my lessons and it has all paid off and now I’m looking for my first car! :D Jimmy worked around all of my shifts, from starting lessons from my work to finishing there too to make sure I got the lessons in and got to work on time! When I started driving I wasn’t sure how confident I’d be but with Jimmy’s help it was the best lessons I could have thought! :) Jimmy is more like a friend than a Driving Instructor, it’s so much more chilled than you’d imagine but also helps you learn your mistakes and how to improve for the future.. THANK YOU JIMMY I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!”

Brian S (Refresher Lessons)
“Incidentally I passed my first driving test way back in 1962 and unfortunately suffered a stroke and the DVLA had to take my driving licence away and only restored it when I passed an extended test. From Start to finish Jimmy was a great help and inspiration to me in getting me back on the road. I’m 85 years old now and never thought I would be driving again (and my goodness how the volume of traffic has increased). Nevertheless, after only a few afternoon of Jimmy’s Tuition, my confidence has been restored. Jimmy is a God send to me – he is ever so patient and my god what an Instructor. He’s young but so smart, intelligent, professional and just a fantastic man in general. He even gave me some advice on my illness and medications and wrote a detailed driving report to support my doctor’s decision in allowing me to continue to drive. Thank you so much!”​

Daniel B (Driving Lessons)
"I hadn't driven before my first lesson with DTS Driver Training and it was great looking back. I was a nervous wreck and never thought I'd be let loose in a car but then came the moment for me to take control and Jimmy was an absolute joy to work with. He calmed me right down, took his time with me and made me feel very comfortable. He gave me the reassurance that I could actually do this. Jimmy always has a smile on his face and takes his time to break things down into manageable chunks for me to digest and made me feel comfortable and confident. He taught me something new every lesson and gave me plenty of notes to prepare me the best way possible for my driving test. I now have a great deal of confidence to get out there on my own and continue on my journey. Jimmy is a great person and a perfect Driving Instructor; 10 stars out of 5 and i will be recommending DTS Driver Training to everyone I know. A big thank you!"

Macauley B (Driving Lessons)
"My driving experience before I met jimmy was rather good as I've already done lessons a while back but was forced to stop due to time , my first lesson with Jimmy was so forward and went exactly how I wanted it to go as I've got driving experience I didn't want to sit in the passenger seat and get driving. He was easy to approach and I knew I recognised him from somewhere so that broke the ice and from there on each lesson I was improving and it was easy to get along with Jimmy there was never silence on our lessons always just having general chats and having a laugh, I like to think I learnt a lot from my lessons with Jimmy I don't think any other person would have squeezed me I. For two weeks before my test to get me through it and for that I am grateful me personally I rate Jimmy a lot probably the best out there in my opinion his confidence he will have in you to get you passed I incredible and I am now going to recommend him to everyone I know who is looking for a lesson because Jimmy helped me and I know he can help others"

Ashlea S (Pass Plus)
“I did the Pass Plus course to help build my confidence and to take my driving to the next level. I wanted to feel confident to drive on motorways and busier roads, and be the safest driver possible so I felt safe driving with my young daughter in the car. My experience was such a positive one. I feel like I have gained so much - a truly valuable experience. I feel like I can now confidently and safely drive on any road condition and feel like a much more experienced driver. Throughout the day, Jimmy was a great help. He is full of knowledge, relaxed yet very professional. He really put me at ease and boosted my confidence a lot. I would recommend the Pass Plus to anyone; new drivers especially but even those who has been driving for some time. Such a good course and well worth it.”

Harry F (Driving Lessons)
“Before learning to drive with Jimmy I learned with another driving instructor. Unfortunately that didn't work out so great. Once moving on to jimmy I felt more in control which evidently increased my confidence behind the wheel. My first lesson was calm and relaxed, jimmy just wanted to see what I was capable of and show me new techniques that would help me with my driving maneuvers. That's was such a great feeling, of relief and confidence. Jimmy was very friendly and approachable. It helped in the sense that if I wasn't sure about certain tasks I could always ask. He also demonstrated a high understanding of the road and car, which then enabled me to gain knowledge and courage. He also went to the extra mile to enforce secure learning for both theory and practice testes. This included work sheets, revision sheets and an online revision for my theory test. This all became a massive help. Which showed in my results. When I passed my test, I felt over the moon! It was nice to experience this with my driving instructor who was also over the moon. Therefore if I had the choice to rate Jimmy out of 10 it would be a solid 10. This is because I am not the easiest person to teach. But he still managed to pass my first time and with 0 faults. Lastly o would like to express that Jimmy is an amazing guy, who is very talented in his job. Therefore I would recommend his lessons to everyone I come across. Thank you!”

Luke D (Driving Lessons)
“Before driving with Jimmy I had a previous Instructor who I had no confidence in which led to me having no confidence in myself, hence I gave up with him then. My first lesson with Jimmy was awesome... I explained to him that my confidence was low and I haven't driven for a while so he took me to a nice quite area to get used to the car and controls. He listened to my views and really helped me improve that I felt so much better and felt my confidence growing straight away. I enjoyed every lesson and actually for once couldn’t wait for the next one. Even with the errors I make, Jimmy never raised his voice or had a go as he was always very patient with me and helped me through all the hard times. Not only did he encourage me to not give up, he continued to provide me with sheets and even sent me ‘computer animated pictures’ of some of the common fail errors alongside his YouTube videos. I felt so relieved when I passed but I will miss learning with Jimmy! Driven To Success was highly recommended by many many people I know and I’m glad to have listened to everyone’s advice! I definitely made the right choice to go with DTS Driver Training. I’ve already recommended Jimmy to a number of fiends so they can also pass in a confident and easy way with a relaxed and genuine down to earth instructor!! Thanks Jimmy!!!”

Sharne W (Driving Lessons)
“Before I met Jimmy I’ve already had a previous Instructor who wasn’t very professional in our lessons and he rarely answered my calls or texts so I decided to ring DTS Driver Training, which I am glad I did. As soon as I called Jimmy he came back to me with dates and times of every lesson, which made me feel like he was very organised and fit me in perfectly. Jimmy is an excellent Driving Instructor; he is calm, patient and very easy to talk to. He helped me improve so much on all aspects of driving. He also gave me revision sheets which he made himself, they were extremely helpful. Jimmy made me feel very confident and always praised me when I’ve done something right. I'm definitely happy that I went with Jimmy and I would definitely recommend him to anyone - by far the best choice I’ve made, seeing as I passed first time with DTS Driver Training.”

Andrew H (Driving Lessons)
“Prior to my lessons I didn't have any driving experience so I was looking for an instructor who was experienced and knew what they were doing, and Jimmy was the man. He was friendly and made you feel comfortable when driving. On the first lesson we went straight into it and I loved it. All the lessons we had were awesome and I enjoyed them all. For anyone looking for a new driving instructor I would totally recommend him!”

Ashlea S (Driving Lessons)
“I did 2 tests 10 years ago, I failed miserably and had a terrible experience with my instructor. My first lesson was great with Jimmy, a really positive experience and I was terrified but Jimmy put me right at ease. My lessons with jimmy were very enjoyable, he is friendly, relaxed, professional and a fantastic teacher. I learnt so much on every one and felt completely safe and at ease with him. Jimmy has the patience of a saint and was reliable, flexible and approachable. Jimmy went above and beyond for me, he gave me great advice and tips and supplied revision sheets that were superb and he had obviously taken a lot of time and effort to make these. I have never felt so elated as I have today after passing my test, I'm confident as a driver something that I honestly thought I would never say. Jimmy was absolutely the right choice, he deserves 10/10 as an instructor and I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so. I can't thank jimmy enough for everything he has done for me! He is truly the best of the best.”

Sophie G (Driving Lessons)
“Review: 5/5 I enjoyed my lessons and liked how quick the progression was. Jimmy is helpful and patient and I would recommend him to anyone! So happy I have passed! Thank you!”

Megan P (Driving Lessons)
“Before I started learning with DTS Driver Training I had another Instructor, I finally decided to change after realising my old Instructor was getting me nowhere.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! Jimmy has been an amazing Instructor - he was very friendly and patient.  My lessons with Jimmy was very productive and I managed to learn something new every lesson that I had with him. The revision sheets that I was given were very helpful and I used them almost every day in order to help me pass my test first time, and they definitely helped! I would definitely recommend Jimmy!”

Nicole B (Driving Lessons)
"Whenever I felt something had gone wrong, or something was actually wrong, Jimmy ensured that I had the proper understanding. He gave me help sheets, videos, and answered my questions. But most of all, he had been encouraging throughout the whole way. I wasn't particularly confident on the road first at all, but with every lesson, Jimmy had lifted that pressure bit by bit with his expertise of the road and his optimism. When I had passed my practical test, it was a shock. I was handed the certificate, and I was pretty much speechless. I'm glad to have chosen Jimmy to be my Driving Instructor. He has stuck with me through thick and thin, and never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself. He was supportive and reassuring, and at the moment the examiner said that I had passed, I finally believed in myself. I would recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone."

Kyle E (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy is a very knowledgeable and experienced Driving Instructor, he was always friendly and helpful as he always took a calm and friendly approach when correcting mistakes I had made. He sent me resources to use as homework for the test and regularly reminded me to look through them. I found driving a enjoyable experience through learning with DTS Driver Training and it was a pleasure to do so!"

Kimberly T (Driving Lessons)
"I absolutely loved my driving lessons! Jim was so patient with me and always went the extra mile to ensure I felt confident with everything. Every lesson was productive and I would recommend DTS Driver Training to everyone. I feel confident enough to drive on my own now that I've passed and it's all thanks to Jim!"

Jake P(Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy was my third Driving Instructor, he helped me out so much to pass my driving test and was always so patient with me. His methods of teaching was 100 times better than my other instructors. I would recommend DTS Driver Training to everyone who wants to learn to drive, he's brilliant!"

Luke H (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy was a pleasure to learn with. He wasn't my first instructor, but compared to my first one I found that he was more relaxed and calm, and he didn't get angry if I made a mistake like my first instructor did. My lessons were always enjoyable and also very productive. Throughout the hours we had I always found him to be friendly and also approachable if I was unsure about something. Jimmy provided me with a lot of resources to benefit me as well. This was a nice touch as it showed that he cares for his learner drivers. I passed first time with DTS Driver Training! Moving forward, I feel confident as a driver now. I found Jimmy to be a #1 choice as a Driving Instructor. He is fair, relaxed and he made me feel very comfortable whilst driving which developed into more confidence as a driver. I'd recommend Jimmy to anyone I know who is looking to learn to drive. You'll have stress free time learning and you won't just see him as a Driving Instructor, but also a friend!"

Gavin K (Driving Lessons)
"My first lesson was really good, Jimmy made me feel at ease and he got me driving but didn't get me doing things too quickly. I always found my lessons very productive I was always learning new things and Jimmy made sure I learnt at my own pace and I wasn't overwhelmed. Jimmy was very patient and I never felt nervous to ask him anything or go over anything again. Every question I ever asked I was given a full explanation of anything I wasn't sure of. Jimmy definitely went the extra mile to help me; his handouts and videos were very helpful and I feel like they gave me the edge I needed to pass my driving test! When I passed my test I felt very happy and I now feel confident on the road. I would rate DTS Driver Training 10/10 and I wouldn't change a thing about my time with Jimmy. I would (and have) recommend Jimmy to others he was the perfect Driving Instructor!"

Jordan P (Driving Lessons)
"I had a past Instructor who came across all about the money and nothing else; the driving atmosphere was very tense and I'd be scared to do something wrong – this was completely the opposite with Jimmy. I Enjoyed every lesson, not just the driving atmosphere, but the chats and the friendliness, it was like driving with a friend but at the same time getting everything possible done and completed. Jimmy is extremely friendly and approachable, regardless what mood I was in, he continued being friendly, uplifting and very supportive. His revision sheets and videos were absolutely superb, never seen anything like it. It was definitely one of the reasons I passed my test, can't applaud the amount of effort he has put into those. When I passed my driving test I was relieved and over the moon, and it was definitely the right decision to go with Jimmy, I have already recommended DTS Driver Training to many people and will continue to do so, top instructor and top bloke. Jimmy is very friendly, good to be around, very patient and goes at everybody's pace; outside of being an instructor somebody I'd happily go for a beer with. Cheers again for all your hard work, definitely owe you a few beers, can't thank you enough!"

Amy T (Driving Lessons)
"I was with a different Driving Instructor before and found the experience to not be what I expected. After 15 hours with this Instructor, I felt the need to change. After my research, I had found DTS Driver Training who was also recommended by a friend. Having done my research on his website and reading his reviews, I called him instantly for help. My lessons with Jimmy were always fun and enjoyable to the point where I really felt on track. Jimmy is an approachable guy with a real talent for teaching students how to drive. He is the only Driving Instructor I know in Ipswich who makes his own resources and provide you with guidance with your practical test. He also has a camera in his car which he asks your permission to film the lesson and email you the video on what you need to improve on or what went well. Today was the day I passed my Practical test and I am over the moon. I would highly recommend Jimmy to everyone I know - what a real, gifted man. Thank you so much Jimmy for your guidance and support, I would not know what I would have done without you!"

Jemma B (Driving Lessons)
"Driving did not come naturally to me at all but Jimmy has been extremely patient with me throughout and kept me positive when I wanted to give up numerous times. I managed a first time pass and I didn’t even have a lot of lessons like I’d expected. Before my lessons began I was very scared about being in the car with a stranger but Jimmy instantly put me at ease as he was very genuine and made me feel very safe. I learnt so much and Jimmy made sure I understood every step and helped with pictures and videos on areas I struggled with. A lot of Driving Instructors just seem to care about the money but Jimmy actually wanted me to pass and did everything he could to make that happen, in and out of our lesson times. I now feel confident as a driver and am extremely glad I went with Jimmy and I really can’t rate him high enough. I will be recommending him to all my friends and families." 

Mark S (Driving Lessons)
“I used to learn with another Instructor who was very impatient with me and not so friendly. Jimmy brings it to another level and gets to know you as a person and interacts with your learning techniques. He is the most knowledgeable Instructor I've ever had and without him I wouldn't have been so confident when going to my driving test – It was a great experience and will I miss my lessons with Jimmy!”

Laura Phaire (Driving Lessons)
“I passed my driving test first time with DTS Driver Training. Jimmy was friendly and patient with me throughout. At first I had no confidence whatsoever but Jimmy was there to help and motivate me all the way. I learnt something new every lesson and it was definitely the right choice to go with DTS Driver Training as I wouldn't have been where I am today! All thanks to Jimmy and I couldn't thank him enough I would recommend him to anyone!”

Megan S (Driving Lessons)
“Before I met Jimmy I had been learning to drive with another Driving Instructor. My lessons with Jimmy were always enjoyable and productive. I found Jimmy to be very patient with any mistakes I made and was always friendly and easy to approach. I went away from each lesson feeling like I had learnt something new each time. I would rate the revision sheets he provided 10/10 - They were very detailed and easy to use for revision. When I passed my driving test I was so happy and proud of myself. As a driver now I do feel very confident in my car. It was definitely the right choice to go with Jimmy and would highly rate him 10/10. I found jimmy as a person very kind, down to earth guy and very passion about what he does as a career which makes learning with him very easy and enjoyable. I would 100% recommend Jimmy to anyone who is learning to drive. Thanks for everything Jimmy.”

Jamie M (Driving Lessons)
“Jimmy was my first Driving Instructor, and he was the only one I needed! I'd heard about him through a friend’s recommendation, and after my first lesson I knew I had chosen the right instructor. Jimmy made me feel very comfortable in my lessons, he was very friendly and patient (just how a driving instructor should be!). Every lesson that I had with Jimmy was enjoyable and fun; you can have a laugh with him but the teaching aspect is of course still there. I could feel that I was progressing with each lesson that passed! Jimmy really did go the extra mile in order for my learning experience to be the best it could be! When I passed my driving test I was so happy! Words can't explain the feeling of conquering such task, after all the lessons, determination and hard work! If you are looking for a brilliant time whilst learning to drive then DTS Driver Training is definitely the driving school for you! I would recommend DTS Driver Training to any new drivers. I have to thank Jimmy for everything I have learnt!” 

Ben R (Driving Lessons)
"Before learning with Jimmy, I had previously had around 10 hours with another Instructor a few years back. Whilst the previous instructor wasn’t a ‘bad’ instructor, he didn’t give me the confidence to feel as though I felt comfortable on the roads. My first lesson with Jimmy I remember very clearly. Jimmy knew I had had a few previous lessons elsewhere, but I didn’t expect to be driving his car straight away. Jimmy put me straight into the driver’s seat, which, whilst unnerving, it gave me the confidence. One of Jimmy’s many outstanding qualities as Instructor is his patience. He continued to make me believe it was possible to iron out the mistakes. I always looked forward to every lesson, and after around 12 hours, it was just about ironing out the small niggles with my driving in preparation for my test. Jimmy never needed prompting about this, he always had his lessons planned well. I found Jimmy extremely approachable and I can ask him anything. A week or so before my test I text Jimmy explaining I was nervous and Jimmy again gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Jimmy’s knowledge not only on driving, but of the rules of the road in my opinion are second to none. I felt as though every lesson was a learning curve, and even the hour before my test, I learnt something that I had to use on my test which actually ensured I passed! The day of my test I was a nervous wreck. Jimmy kept reassuring me, and when I got into the car with the examiner, I went into ‘auto-pilot’. This was a culmination of everything Jimmy had taught me over the last 3 months. I felt confident, I felt content, and I felt ready. I passed my test at the first attempt with only 2 minors. I believe I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done as well as I did if Jimmy wasn’t my Instructor. I couldn’t recommend Jimmy enough. Without a doubt, I would rate his instructing 10/10."

Aaliyah G (Driving Lessons)
"I left a former Driving Instructor as I was dissatisfied with him, and found Jimmy on the Internet. My first lesson was ultimately a refresher to get my driving skills back up to a good standard. I was in the driver’s seat right away with Jimmy's full confidence. Jimmy always pushed me each lesson to do better and if he felt I wasn't doing the best to my ability he would make me do it over and over again until I was 100% confident. I was provided with the entire "Show me Tell me" questions from my first lesson in order to prepare me for not just the test day but in general which contained essential information about the car. These questions were reinforced in each lesson which was great. I was never given any of this information from my previous Instructor and therefore Jimmy proves he goes the extra mile. I was so happy after passing my test, a complete relief off my shoulders and I feel much more confident in the driver’s seat after the consistent lessons. Every Driving Instructor is different and I sought out Jimmy after not feeling comfortable with my previous one and it was a very good decision on my end. Jimmy's a fun, approachable guy, can easily talk and have a good conversation with, but at the same time he is honest and truthful when needed to be. I know many people who have passed with Jimmy and I will be recommending him to my partner as well. Learning to drive can be quite expensive but I really feel each lesson I fully got my money's worth and no time was ever wasted. Thanks Jimmy!!"

Mike P (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy was extremely friendly, professional and helpful. I felt so prepared because he supported me to feel organised before my driving test. He provided me with additional support by sending me detailed information of what was to be expected during the driving test. I was also given a 'show me tell me’ sheet which was specifically tailored to his car, to help answer the verbal questions. Brilliant stuff! "

Macaulay H (Driving Lessons)
"My experience with Jimmy was thoroughly enjoyable. He is patient, friendly and very approachable indeed. He is able to explain things clearly and concisely, taking the time to go into detail where required. His tone and pace makes you feel at ease as soon as you sit in the car. His knowledge is brilliant and the revision sheets are well laid out and very self-explanatory. I passed my test first time with only two minors and that's down to Jimmy. I now feel confident as a new driver and am able to put into practice the skills Jimmy has taught me. I recommend Jimmy to everyone and I rate him 10/10! Thanks mate I really appreciate your time and effort in helping me achieve my goal!"

James R (Driving Lessons)
"I have had 3 Instructors in total, and no one compared to the level of Jimmy! He is a fantastic mentor who makes it very comfortable to drive within any environment. The first lesson I had was brilliant, he worked out my driving level and from that point on it just flew by! Every lesson was different and very informative. It’s amazing how quick you learn and remember things - it has to be down to the enjoyment and pressure-free environment. All of the revision sheets were extremely helpful and informative and really professionally put together. Jimmy is a fantastic, fun and enjoyable character to be around, who I now class as a good friend (not just because he gave me freedom!). I would and have recommended Jimmy to every learner I come across. With his unique style, excellent program and great first time pass record, it’s really a no brainer! Some instructors try and slow you down and don’t push you. I had about 15 hours with Jimmy at a great price and I was not at all ripped off and I passed my test with ease first time! THANK YOU JIMMY HO YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!" 

Tia O (Driving Lessons)
"I was originally learning with another Instructor but changed to Jimmy as a friend of mine recommended him. The support that Jimmy gave me for both my practical and theory was amazing, whilst his revision sheets were a huge help and very thorough to provide me all the information required for the test! I gained so much confidence whilst with him which has come with his patience, knowledge and ease to get along with. Every lesson was enjoyable, and he would always do his best to schedule my lessons suitable for me. I cannot thank him enough for the time, dedication and of course getting me that license FIRST TIME!!"

Bradley C (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy was my second Driving Instructor and he helped me 100 times more than my first one!!! I learnt so much more in such a small period of time! I was recommended to go with DTS Driver Training by a friend, and I remember my first lesson with Jimmy I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I really enjoyed my lessons and learnt a lot, Jimmy was very patient and I got on really well with him. I learnt something new every lesson and picked it up really quickly with the way he was teaching me. Jimmy also went out of his way to fit me in and made sure I got everything right in order for me to pass in such a small period of time. When I passed my driving test I was really happy and couldn't thank Jimmy enough for helping me in every way possible! I feel very confident as a driver now thanks to my brilliant Instructor, it was the best decision going with jimmy and I recommend him to all learner drivers. Jimmy as a person is calm and easy to talk to. You can have a laugh with him and he is generally a very nice man, and I would like to say thank you for helping me so much and would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive!"

Taylor P (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy was my third Driving Instructor as I wasn't happy with my previous ones. Jimmy was recommended by a friend who was also learning with him at the same time. I remember my first lesson was so relaxed and calm and I wasn't nervous at all. Jimmy was always patient and helped me if I needed it. He helped me not only with driving but a lot with my theory too! He was always flexible to help me whenever I needed it! Going with DTS Driver Training was defiantly the BEST decision I had made and he helped me pass so quickly and also FIRST TIME!!! I would recommend Jimmy to anyone, he is absolutely amazing!!!!!"

Laura B (Driving Lessons)
"I've been learning to drive with Jimmy and passed with only three minors faults! Jimmy is a very friendly and patient Driving Instructor and he has been very flexible with my learning and would highly recommend him!"

Morgan J (Driving Lessons)
"Having failed my test the first time round with another Instructor, I looked to Jimmy to help me get ready for my second attempt. Firstly I would just like to say how high Jimmy's standard of teaching is, his lessons are incredibly productive and he really works hard at bringing out the best in the learner. Whilst at all times he made me feel relaxed as he had the patience and understanding to help me develop my driving skills. We only had 4 hours of lessons! Some Driving Instructors are old and grumpy where as Jimmy is an enthusiastic and fun teacher which is perfect for driving tuition in my opinion! Not only this but he remains a professional and a knowledgeable expert in driving. I rate him as "The perfect Driving Instructor" and will recommend him to absolutely anyone who wants to get the most out of their lessons and pass as soon as possible. Jimmy also emailed me revision sheets which detailed the test and all manoeuvres step by step free of charge which was very helpful because it meant I could prepare for my test in my own time free of charge. Thank you so much!"

Jack W (Driving Lessons)
"Jimmy wasn't my first Driving Instructor, and he got my out of a bad situation that I was having with a previous Instructor. He pushed me to all my limits and got me doing new things every lesson whilst still going over old things that was already learned. Jimmy has been very understandable with the problems I was having and did a fantastic job at turning the whole situation around! Jimmy is a very patient man and he never made me feel uncomfortable in his lessons with is such a good thing as I felt like I could be calm in the car and get on with the learning without worrying about being moaned at or shouted at if I had done something wrong. Jimmy is always very understanding and helps you through all situations! I would recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone who wants to learn to drive as he is a great motivator and likes to make you push all your limits and become such a great driver! He has a high pass rate for a reason! I would like to thank him for everything he has done for me, and getting me through my test and pass first time."

Elyse M (Driving Lessons)
"I heard about Jimmy through work as we used to work for the same company. I contacted him and we arranged my first few lessons straight away. I was expecting Jimmy to be a good Driving Instructor as I had seen the posts of the pupils that had passed with him. My first lesson was nothing like what I expected. I had heard different things from different people about their first lessons, and I had an idea of me sitting in the car and learning the main features, perhaps some steering, things of that nature. My first lesson was far from that. As soon as I got in the car and had a chat with Jimmy about a few basics, I was driving. He had so much confidence in me and my first lesson was so productive. I felt so comfortable and I left my first lesson feeling pleased, knowing I was well on my way towards my goal of driving. Jimmy is one of the most patient people I have met, and it makes a difference. Every lesson was enjoyable, and he was so friendly. If I ever needed to discuss anything or go over anything I didn't understand it was never a problem, Jimmy is always approachable. He always kept track of where we were in progress and what we needed to do next. I was always learning, and it was never a bad experience. Jimmy is very knowledgeable and is able to adapt to different styles of learning. He always kept my confidence up and I always felt like I had achieved something new and was doing well. The revision sheets for both my theory and my practical test were detailed and tailored well to assist in passing my tests, and were easy to understand. I was so happy when I passed my driving test, and it felt like a big weight had been lifted. It opens so many doors in your life to be able to move forward and branch out. I feel so confident and comfortable as a driver now because I feel like I have all the information and guidance I need to be a safe driver on my own. I made the best decision to go with DTS Driver Training and I would always recommend Jimmy as a first choice. It doesn't matter who you are or how you learn, you can be confident he will find a way to suit you. Jimmy is so calm and encouraging as an Instructor, and one of the kindest and most down to earth people I have met, and even after passing my test he is someone that you can get along with in the future. Thank you for all your help over these last few months and for helping me accomplish my goal. You have changed my life and I now have so many more options. I couldn't be more grateful!" 

April D (Driving Lessons)
"I have had such a positive experience with DTS Driver Training. I came to Jimmy from having been with a previous Instructor who I didn't feel comfortable with. I already felt unconfident with my abilities but as soon as I took lessons with Jimmy, my confidence grew and he put me at ease. My first lesson was great and I couldn't believe how much I had learnt in a couple of hours compared to a week’s worth of lessons with my previous Instructor. Driving for the first time can be a daunting experience but Jimmy was patient, friendly and encouraging. I felt like Jimmy really knew what he was doing and he would answer any query I had, big or small. In addition, Jimmy really went out of his way to provide extra help with revision sheets and progress reports to show you what went well and what to work on. When I passed my driving test I was beyond thrilled! Jimmy has been supportive throughout and believed in my abilities and now know I will be a good, confident driver on the roads! I would like to further my driving skills and complete the Pass Plus course and I will definitely be using Jimmy to do this. Would highly recommend!!!!"

Tami D (Driving Lessons) 
"My lessons with DTS Driver Training were extremely enjoyable; not only was Jimmy extremely approachable but he was also very patient with my own pace of learning. Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of driving, and extremely observational. He was able to notice the aspects that I was struggling with the most and he helped me work on them, which has made no doubt made me a much better, confident driver. Above all, Jimmy is a very friendly guy who you can talk to! I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend Jimmy to anybody looking for a Driving Instructor that will not only help them pass their driving test, but build on their confidence and good habits beyond the test."

Emily S (Driving Lessons) 
"I am extremely pleased I was lucky enough to do my driving lessons with DTS Driver Training. I had a few lessons a couple of years ago with another Instructor but I gave up with him quite quickly as I found him impatient and I didn't enjoy being around him. However I had a completely different experience with Jimmy, he was friendly and approachable yet professional and knowledgeable. It was also refreshing as I felt he genuinely cared about his pupils and wanted them to pass. I was under a bit of pressure as I had to pass my driving test before I left the country for 10 weeks, which also meant I had to complete my practical test in Bury St Edmunds! Once we realised I had to do my test out of Ipswich, Jimmy planned the remaining lessons around going to Bury St Edmunds and driving around roads I don't know in Ipswich which I found extremely helpful as I had to get used to unfamiliar roads and pay very close attention to road signs. He also encouraged me to do lots of revision using the sheets he had provided and was more than happy to answer any other questions I had. I found his techniques useful in learning to drive and he stayed on the ball throughout and explained anything I done wrong. After each lesson we also had a quick de-brief where Jimmy pointed out things I needed to improve on for next lesson, yet he also praised any of my strong points which built my confidence. My first time pass was a great reflection on Jimmy as he had spent the time trying to make me feel comfortable driving in Bury St Edmunds, and we went over absolutely everything I needed to learn in the lessons beforehand. Once again I feel lucky I had such a good Driving Instructor and I would recommend Jimmy to anyone who is looking to drive! A lovely man who is very good at what he does! :D :D" 

Kirsty H (Driving Lessons)
"My first driving lesson with DTS Driver Training was really good. Jimmy was not my first Driving Instructor but he is the best I could have asked for. My lessons with Jimmy were always really enjoyable. Jimmy was very patient with me all the time and very friendly and approachable. He has really good knowledge in driving and I learnt something new every lesson and was getting more and more confident. He even helped with my Theory Test, and the sheets he provided for the Practical test was very helpful indeed. I was over the moon when I passed my Driving Test (first time pass!), and I now feel confident as a driver. Jimmy was the best choice to go with I would rate him 10 out of 10! Jimmy is a lovely person to be around, very helpful and if it wasn’t for Driven To Success, I don’t think I would have got were I am with my driving and I would highly recommended Jimmy to anyone that wants to drive."

James W (Pass Plus)
"I have been driving for nearly 4 years and have wanted to do the Pass Plus course for a while to further develop my driving and a more thorough understanding of motorway driving in particular. I have known Jimmy for a long time having worked with him in a previous job as he was my Insurance coach back then. His coaching and teaching skills are second to none and I have learnt so much today. The course was very laid back and enjoyable. I would recommend everyone, whether you have just passed or been driving for many years, to take the Pass Plus course - It is an invaluable experience and Jimmy is one of the best Instructors in the business!"

Jenna S (Pass Plus)
"What an absolutely brilliant day on my Pass Plus! It was a very relaxing confident boost going on the motorways into London. Jimmy noticed me starting to get a little bit nervous at first and straight away relaxed me, and explained everything on the way and during the whole motorway experiences. He also went through a lot of other topics such as driving in all-weather conditions, rural and urban roads, night driving, driving in foreign countries and much more! I have learnt so much!! Jimmy really has boosted my confidence in all ways possible from passing my theory, passing my driving test, to completing the Pass Plus course. This is a life changing experience and I will forever be grateful for what he has done for me! Thank you so much Jimmy x"

Hollie B (Driving Lessons)
"The first lesson I had was so good! I had previously been with another Driving Instructor in Ipswich and felt like I was getting no where so I decided to change. Luckily enough I had Jimmy! Jimmy is on another league to what I had and his passes show this. The lessons were always fun and something to look forward to during the week. He pushed me to do more and it worked! You couldn't wish for a nicer Instructor (friendly and approachable). His knowledge is top and is proved by the DIAmond certificate he has. He gave me revision sheets and they were top! When I passed my test (first time!), I felt amazing I felt so free!!!!! I'd recommend anyone that wants to drive to go with Jimmy, he's a lovely guy with an awesome attitude! 3 passes in one day and I'm proud to be part of that day! Thank you Jimmy!!!"

Julie R (Driving Lessons)
"I remember my first driving lesson with DTS Driver Training, it was great! Jimmy made me feel very relaxed compared to my first Instructor that I had. Jimmy gave me a lot of confidence and encouragement during my lessons and he is an extremely patient Instructor. He is a very friendly person and very easy to talk to as well. I'm so happy that I passed! Thank you so much!"

Billy W (Driving Lessons) 
"Every time I had a driving lesson with Jimmy I really enjoyed it. He is so down to earth and loves having a laugh but still teaches you everything you need to know. In every lesson there was always something new to learn and any questions that I had he always knew the answers. I passed my driving test FIRST TIME!!!!! Jimmy is one in a million and I'm so glad I chose DTS Driver Training, and would happily recommend Jimmy to anyone. I feel so confident as a driver now! Thanks mate, will never forget you, thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I can finally take my son to the zoo! YOUR THE MAN!!!"

Neha T (Driving Lessons)
"I did have another Instructor before coming to DTS Driver Training, and I have found that I have progressed really well since. Jimmy’s lessons were always very productive. He is very knowledgeable and knows everything related to driving and being on the roads. I have learnt so much and have improved very well with Jimmy. His revision sheets were absolutely fantastic... And I think every Driving School should do that to help learner drivers. Jimmy is always very encouraging and has been a great motivator. This has all helped me become a confident driver. I think having Jimmy as my Driving Instructor was one of my best decisions that I have made, and I have already recommended him to a few of my colleagues. Jimmy is a lovely person and he has been a great help. He is very committed to his job and he makes sure he is training his pupils be a safe drivers. My rating for jimmy would definitely be 10/10. Thanks Jimmy for all your help and support!"

Coner J (Driving Lessons)
"I chose to go with DTS Driver Training as I was recommended by my friend who also passed with Jimmy. I had a bit of a difficult past and was judged a lot by many people but Jimmy treated me like a normal person and we have become great friends now. Our lessons were always really productive, what I love about Jimmy the most is that he makes the lessons really enjoyable. He loves having a laugh with you but still manages to get the work done. I’ve always had a bit of learning difficulty but Jimmy was happy to teach at a pace that I was comfortable with. He helped me pass my theory and practical tests first time! Jimmy was always happy to answer any questions, in or out of our lessons. His self-made revision sheets were top! It was the best day of my life when the examiner told me I had passed. The pass has secured a job for me as a carer and my new born son will now have a better life. Jimmy is such a nice block, genuinely. He is so down to earth and non-judgemental. I won’t ever be able to thank him enough. Cheers Jimmy for all your hard work!" 

Jenna S (Driving Lessons) 
"I cannot thank Jimmy enough for what he has done for me. As an extremely nervous and unconfident person in life in general, going behind a wheel of a car was a major deal for me, but Jimmy supported me throughout the whole process from start to finish. Jimmy has made me realise that there is no point getting all worked up if I made a mistake, but to just learn from it – he is a fantastic motivator! His relaxing manner made me really enjoy and look forward to every lesson. I got given revision sheets for all the manoeuvres and 'what to expect on the day of your test' sheets explaining every last little detail which made the test day a lot less daunting. Jimmy made sure I was prepared. With Jimmy’s push, calmness, excitement and flexibility with my childcare I managed to pass FIRST TIME with both theory and practical tests. I have and will continue to recommend Jimmy to anyone – he really does deserve it. I'm now a confident and relaxed safe driver and it was all thanks to Jimmy. I was ‘driven to success’ from start to finish! Jimmy has been an amazing Instructor, not to mention a good looking guy :)" 

Andy W (Pass Plus) 
"Today I completed the Pass Plus course with DTS Driver Training, and I highly recommend it to any driver who has just passed their driving test and here’s why; I gained so much more experience on the roads and driving that can’t be covered under a provisional license. Jimmy also covered a load of topics and taught me many lifetime skills that I have taken away with me on roads such as motorways, urban roads and much much more! PASS PLUS has given me the confidence and lifetime skills to be able to navigate these roads more safely. A lot of subjects were covered in the Pass Plus course and it has made me 100% more confident in driving and I had so much fun whilst I was learning. Things that couldn’t be done in practice Jimmy went through with me in theory and I have learnt so much from him today! I highly recommend taking the Pass Plus course and it is extremely great value for money... Don’t listen to remarks like 'it’s a waste of time and money', take it from me it’s an experience I’ll never forget :)" 

Simon B (Driving Lessons) 
"Jimmy is absolutely fantastic. I chose to go with Jimmy because when I first spoke to him I felt confident he could get me over my fear of driving. He took me through a step-by-step plan of how the lessons would go and was very patient throughout. Jimmy has extensive knowledge of driving & has vast knowledge of how tackle both the theory & practical test head on! He provides with you with materials to help you revise for the practical test which are extremely useful plus he will go that extra mile to make the lessons fit round your life style and works extremely hard to ensure you're prepared for each lesson. With jimmy my confidence went through the roof and I would highly recommend him as and instructor as he helped me pass my theory & practical test first time. Thank you." 

Michelle T (Driving Lessons) 
"I had only been living in Ipswich for about 5 months when I started driving lessons with DTS Driver Training. Before that I had been with another Driving Instructor in Lincolnshire. I was used to the roads a bit more there so starting to drive somewhere new was very daunting. Jimmy was great though and right from the start he put me at ease because I knew that he was in control and that he knew my driving ability. He taught me new techniques from our first lesson that I found very helpful such as the MSPSL routines (basic yet very effective), which I wished I had been taught right from the start! I was putting myself under a lot of pressure and felt stressed at first as I felt 24 was VERY OLD to be learning to drive haha! But Jimmy told me not to worry and helped me enjoy learning to drive. He worked on the things I struggled with over and over until I had them sorted and was very patient even when I messed things up. He was always ready to explain things in a way that I understood. I am so excited to have passed the driving test (with ZERO driving faults!!!) and although I feel like I'm awesome, I would never have got there without a very good Driving Instructor! It was definitely the right choice to go with DTS Driver Training and I would recommend Jimmy to anyone looking for driving lessons :)" 

Satveer S (Driving Lessons) 
“I was learning to drive Automatic before and sadly failed my driving test twice with another Driving Instructor. I contacted Jimmy who convinced me to do Manual and he was confident that he could help me even though I knew it was going to be harder than Automatic. At first it was very hard as I had imagined but with Jimmy's enthusiasm and great teaching skills, he made me realise that I could pass!! My lessons with Jimmy were always very productive and enjoyable! I learnt so much in every lesson! Jimmy was not only my personal Instructor and Coach but he soon became a friend, a really good friend! Jimmy has been very friendly throughout and is truly a fantastic guy. I felt comfortable in all my lessons and trusted Jimmy throughout. He made me feel so safe in his car. We had good laughs and great conversations. Towards my test, we did do a lot of mock tests which was fantastic! I was over the moon when I passed and am proud to say I passed first time with DTS Driver Training. I have always been a very nervous road user, but Jimmy always made me feel relaxed and extremely calm. I’m now more confident than ever as a driver and that’s all because of Jimmy. Thank you for helping me so much Jimmy, and I’m so glad that I chose to learn with DTS Driver Training!!!"

Andy W (Driving Lessons) 
"I was originally with another Driving Instructor who taught me incorrectly. I got to the point where my attitude to driving was terrible and I was full of nerves that being on the road was the last thing I wanted. I contacted Jimmy and started fresh, and he quickly identified my strengths and development areas in our first lesson. He also worked really hard to get my confidence up! Today I passed with DTS Driver Training with very few driving faults and am now a completely different driver, which this time last year I didn’t think was possible at all! Not only do I recommend Jimmy for all his hard work in his teachings but also for understanding that if I wasn’t learning fast enough he was willing to take a step back and go at my pace. Also Jimmy didn’t just want to get me through my test but he wanted to ensure that I was a safe driver for life. He also made the learning process really fun... Remember don’t always go with the cheapest - take my word for it!!!" 

Toby A (Driving Lessons) 
“I really enjoyed my experience with Jimmy on my first lesson, he made me feel very welcome and comfortable. He is very friendly and easy to talk to which makes the lessons so much more easier. Anything I needed to know Jimmy was always willing to help and give really good advice. After every lesson I felt more confident about my driving and at the end of each lesson he always gave me good points of the lesson and development areas. Jimmy himself is very down to earth and friendly guy and would recommend him to anybody that would like to learn to drive. I am very happy to have passed first time and Jimmy also congratulated me which was nice. All in all a very good experience and sending a big thank you to Jimmy for all his help!” 

Vikki P (Driving Lessons) 
“I started my driving lessons with a different Instructor and then went to DTS Driver Training as I didn’t feel that I was progressing anywhere. The lessons with Jimmy were very enjoyable and extremely productive. Jimmy has been very patient with me and he is extremely friendly. The atmosphere has always been very nice. I was very determined to pass my driving test and Jimmy motivated me every step of the way. The mock tests he did towards the test were fantastic! I passed my driving test first time and now feel very confident as a driver. It was definitely the right choice to go with Jimmy and would recommend him to anyone!” 

Samantha P (Driving Lessons) 
"I couldn't fault my experience of learning to drive with DTS Driver Training. I’ve had several different Instructors before I started learning with Jimmy and I didn't feel confident in my driving at all. Jimmy took the time to explain everything in a way that made it simple for me and I was soon able to drive with great confidence. The advice that he gave on the manoeuvres for example were completely different to anything I had learnt before and they went from scary to simple! I passed my driving test on the first attempt with Jimmy's help and can't thank him enough for the patience and time he took to ensure I was comfortable!" 

Aiden F (Driving Lessons) 
"When I started my driving lessons back in Oct/Nov last year, I was very nervous, but once I’d got going I got comfortable and Jim made the lessons really fun, enjoyable and productive. I was a shocking driver at first but Jim was very patient with me which was a very good thing. Jim knows everything you need to know about how to drive. If you are unsure on certain things Jim is 100% happy to walk you through of what you need to know to complete the task! The atmosphere was very relaxed, and very enjoyable. Just before the driving test, Jim did a few mock tests on me for me to get to grips of how it all works, and it was all very helpful and it’s another way of getting you ready but also relaxed in the real test! I now feel comfortable and confident as a driver. When I passed my test first time, I was so pleased!! If it wasn’t for Jim, his knowledge on driving and teaching techniques, I wouldn’t have passed… I would highly recommend Jim to all my family and friends. Jim’s definitely scored a 10 out of 10! Thank you Jim!" 

Jason D (Driving Lessons) 
“I was originally learning to drive with another Ipswich-based driving school but I realised I wasn’t really getting anywhere. The Instructor I had didn’t have much patience and he was always shouting and getting frustrated which made the learning process really difficult. I was recommended to DTS Driver Training by my mate who was one of Jimmy’s pupils who said he was fantastic and someone who has been DSA-graded highly as an Instructor. After the first few minutes of my first lesson with DTS Driver Training I felt so relaxed as Jimmy made the learning atmosphere a very pleasant one. Straight away I knew I had made the right choice to change. Jimmy was friendly, patient, adaptable and extremely knowledgeable. He corrected so many of the faults I made and gave me much better and easier techniques to do the manoeuvres than my previous Instructor, and it always seems that Jimmy covers much more in one lesson. I no longer felt intimidated and Jimmy was always really good with feedback and encouragement. Out of lesson times, he emailed me lots of documents and manoeuvres skills sheets etc, which meant that I could do some revision at home free of charge. I passed my driving test first time and it was the best thing ever. I really don’t think I would have done it without Jimmy. I would recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone who’s looking for a friendly, reliable and patient Instructor! Thanks Jimmy!” 

Jordan C (Driving Lessons) 
"I was recommended to Jimmy by my Uncle who hooked me up starting my driving lessons back in August. Since then it has only taken me 3 months to pass! Jimmy's lessons were always productive and enjoyable which is all and more of what I could have asked for in an Instructor. I have never met a more friendly and generous man - Jimmy was always patient with my driving and always asked if I had any concerns which made me feel at ease! When not in a lesson Jimmy will drop a series of texts reminding you when your next arranged lesson is and also whether there is anything YOU as the pupil want to cover in the up and coming lesson! When I passed my driving test I was over the moon, there weren’t enough words to describe how excited I was and it was all down to DTS Driver Training!!! As soon as I passed my driving test I went home and straight away insured my own little Fiat Punto! From Jimmy's teaching I now feel safe and comfortable driving without assistance! If I was to rate Jimmy it would definitely be a 10 out of 10 as I would not have asked for a better Instructor! He is everything a pupil looks for in a Driving Instructor! I have already gained Jimmy an extra pupil and would recommend him to many others! Thank-you Jimmy, you're the best!" 

Gege Y (Driving Lessons) 
"I started learning with Jimmy after my previous Driving Instructor couldn't teach me anymore, which worried me at first because my test was in a few weeks and I wasn't sure how prepared I was. However, I was lucky because Jimmy taught me all that I needed to know in preparation for the day, as well as giving me helpful tips for doing successful manoeuvres. I think I grew more confident as a driver with Jimmy as my Driving Instructor - he was very willing to help in and out of lesson times. He also sends a self-made Progress Report after every lesson. Also, his self-made sheets with information about what to expect on the day of the test, manoeuvres and 'Show me, Tell me' questions were really useful in helping me prepare and do some revision at home. The lessons were very productive as Jimmy helped me improve on many aspects of my driving and get it to a good standard before my test. I passed with zero driving faults! So I was very happy with that, especially considering I had only been learning with Jimmy for a month or so! I would definitely recommend Jimmy to anyone wanting a reliable, knowledgeable and committed Driving Instructor!"

Paige B (Maneuvering Skills)
"I have been driving for nearly 3 years now and I have always struggled with parallel parking. I decided that I really needed to learn this skill so I decided to get a lesson to teach me how to do this. I contacted Jimmy who was more than happy to help me. Jimmy made me feel very comfortable and gave me the confidence to be able to do the parallel park. He gave me some really helpful tips to help me not only in his learning car but in my own too. Jimmy had so much patience with me and I now know and have the confidence to do parallel parking!"

Casey B (Refresher Lesson) 
"I have been driving for over 5 years now, and I thought it would be interesting to get feedback on my driving by a fully qualified Driving Instructor. I contacted Jimmy who was happy to give me a driving assessment. As soon as I got into the car with Jimmy he made me feel at ease and really comfortable. I didn’t feel at all under pressure, Jimmy had endless patience with me and because of the atmosphere I was driving in was relaxed, I felt relaxed and most importantly I enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. During the session he did point out the bad habits and incorrect procedures. He quickly rectified these, analysed them with me and gave me instruction to do things the right way. He also taught me loads of things that I never knew about the rules of the road. I’ve certainly analysed my own driving more since the lesson, and made a conscious effort to try to iron out the bad habits but also put the new skills and knowledge I learnt about the road into practice!"

Kirscha B-P (Driving Lessons)
“I was a very nervous driver before I started my lessons with Jimmy as I lacked confidence, but once I was in the car with Jimmy, I felt completely comfortable and my confidence grew and grew by the lesson. His approach is always laid back and relaxed, and he always explains what we're going to do during that lesson so I knew exactly what the plan was. Jimmy has very good driving knowledge and any questions that I had he would answer in detail. I would recommend Jimmy as a Driving Instructor to anyone as he creates a very relaxed learning atmosphere where you would feel at ease behind the wheel!" 

Charlotte F (Driving Lessons)
“I started learning to drive as a necessity due to living far from work. Jimmy has been very encouraging and patient with me, as I was a very nervous learner. I felt that the pace he put me through each stage of learning was absolutely perfect! Even when I was under pressure from work, of needing to be passed within a couple of months, he was there for me at every available moment, pushing me to strive for the best even when I felt that the goal was unreachable myself! I ended up passing both my theory and practical tests first time, and I definitely believe this wouldn’t have been possible without his constant encouragement. Every lesson I felt positive and motivated, and more importantly even when I made a mistake, and panicked, Jimmy would remind me that it’s all part of learning. I would recommend DTS Driver Training to anyone, and I certainly owe my independence now to Jimmy and all his hard work!”


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