The Training professionals

Refresher training

Full licence holders may be interested in refresher lessons for a number of reasons...

*They passed their driving test many years ago and haven’t driven since

*They live on a narrow busy road and need some help with manoeuvres

*They’ve been driving an automatic car for so many years and now need some help getting back onto manual driving (or vice versa)

*They need some help with dual carriageway or motorway work

*They have been involved in an accident or an accident has affected them and now need the confidence on the roads again

*They may be from a foreign country and need help with UK’s rules of the road

*It may be a requirement for work or they have to undergo an assessment for a company car

*They may wish to further develop their driving

*The list goes on…

1hr lesson pay on the go - £30
1hr30 lesson pay on the go - £45
2hr lesson pay on the go - £58 (£29 an hour (save £2))
10hrs prepaid (5x2hrs) - £270 (£27 an hour (save £30))