The Training professionals

“Hi my name is Beauty Habiba, and I joined DTS Driver Training in 2020!

I love meeting new people and getting the best out of an individual. Prior to this job, I worked as a Teaching Assistant – so my care for every learner means a lot too. One of the best things about this job at DTS Driver Training is the diverse people I meet, who are all unique and all learn differently... which is where I come in to help!

DTS Driver Training really does provide the best service to all its staff and customers, and I am honoured to work for such a commended driving school! Out of this job I’m also a busy mum of two."

"Hi, I'm Chrissy, I joined DTS Driver Training in 2021 as a Trainee Driver Trainer.

I first realised I wanted to be a driving instructor after I bravely took to the passenger seat to teach my wife to drive. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt as though I had a natural ability in this area of coaching.

Before starting this new venture I worked in Health and Social care for 10 years, meaning I have had the privilege of working with a wealth of different people with varying needs. Many of the skills I have developed as a care and support worker can be transferred to driver training, including communication, aiding independence, being adaptable, goal-setting and working in a person-centred way.

My aim is to become a fully qualified ADI and ensure all my pupils become confident and safe drivers, while continuing to develop my own knowledge and skills."


Advanced Driver Trainer

“Hi,I’m Ahmed... and I am very delighted to join the DTS team in 2019!

I have spent almost 15 years in multiple private sectors including taxi driving, delivery driving and also as a restaurant manager - I would consider myself as a people person and thus always wanted to become a driver trainer and help those in need.

Since I have joined DTS Driver Training, I have been experiencing a wonderful excitement every day at work, especially when my efforts and hard work bring positive outcomes and results for my pupils in achieving their driving goals. Their success always encourages me to work even harder. My colleagues here at DTS Driver Training are amazing, together we really are the best team!

My main objectives are not only to empower learners to drive independently but also to teach them to drive safely and in a responsible manner throughout their lifetime.

Each instructor has their own way to conduct lessons and my approach is to prompt the pupil to identify their needs and to follow their minds. I believe that a good teacher always takes initiatives and make sure that their pupils have fun whilst learning as I would consider fun learning the best way of learning. All my lessons are tailored to the pupil’s needs. I am a strong believer that learning to drive is teamwork between the instructor and the learner, which of course encourages effective communication between the two and makes the learning process far more effective.”

"Hi, my name is Robyn. I joined DTS Driver Training in 2016 and I deal with all customer enquiries via phone and email, as well as overseeing all aspects of our marketing including social media. I also ensure that all DVSA, DVLA, Council and Police messages are properly incorporated into our ADIs' training, as well as managing our ADIs' bookings and organising our ADIs' CPD, meetings, conferences and training sessions around the country throughout the year.

A lot of my time is also dedicated for creating learning handouts and resources for our customers, as well as all the paperwork behind the scenes for our trainers.

​Out of the DTS office, I am also a Care Worker in East Anglia as well as running my own business RH Diamond Beauty. My past work experience includes being a Montessori Teacher for young children, Private Nanny, mother to a young child. I believe in quality coaching and bringing out the best of an individual in every way possible.

​If you have any questions about DTS Driver Training's services, please don't hesitate to drop me a message - I love to help people!"


All our Instructors have signed up to the ADI Code of Practice to adhere to professional standards to protect our customers.


Advanced Driver Trainer


Training Manager

Advanced Driver Trainer

We recognise that providing the best possible service to our customers is our priority, and so all our Instructors maintain our extremely high standards by continuing ongoing training and attending regular meetings.


Trainee Driver Trainer



"Hi, my name is Chris and I joined DTS Driver Training in 2016.

I have lived in Ipswich all my life, and have worked in a number of industries including nightclub management, marketing and most recently in financial services. While working in finance I would often coach new members of staff, and quickly found myself developing a real interest in the learning process and finding the most effective ways of coaching. I aim to bring this to every one of my clients' driving lessons.

Outside of my working life, I am a keen road cyclist. Of course, this is a hobby where road safety and awareness are very important, and it only seemed natural that becoming a Driving Instructor was the way to go.

I am a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and have passed the DIAmond Elite test, the toughest driving test in the UK. In addition, I am an Accredited Advanced Trainer, meaning I can also train drivers to take their skills to the next level with the DIAmond Advanced and Elite driving tests, as well as taxi tests. I have plans for a number of other qualifications in the near future, but believe quality tuition comes first. After all, this is what DTS Driver Training is known for!

Everyone has a different story about when they learned to drive. Some may take to it like a duck to water, whereas others may need some more time to gain the understanding and confidence they need to pass the test and drive safely for the rest of their life. Learning with me is completely tailored to the learner, as I believe driver training is a team effort between the pupil and instructor.

I currently conduct lessons in my brand new Ford Fiesta Eco-netic, so you can learn in comfort and style. Whether you have never sat in the driver’s seat, or you’ve been driving for years and want to brush up on your parallel parking, I’d be delighted to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be."


General Operations & Fleet Manager

Advanced & Fleet Driver Trainer

"Hello. My name is Jimmy – here’s a little bit about myself and my credentials…

With a massive background in teaching, training and coaching in so many industries, and a huge passion in road safety I decided that I wanted to be a driver trainer and run a successful driving school. The dream became a reality in 2013 when I started my own driving school "Driven To Success”, later re-branded to "DTS Driver Training" in 2017. My aim has always been simply to provide the best quality driver training and service possible in the Industry. I make sure that a driver education and road safety curriculum is delivered to all my clients from pre-test right through to post-test

The school has now grown not only in size, but far more importantly, quality. We have won Driving School Of The Year awards numerous times nationally over the years including SME Awards.

In 2016, DTS Driver Training won with the National Training Award at the DVSA National Driver & Rider Conference, awarded by former DVSA CEO Gareth Llewellyn... and in 2018 I won the Industry Achievement Award at the same event. - I am extremely proud of this as it really reflects on our success as a driving school.

I am also a qualified Fleet Driver Trainer helping company drivers (of all vehicle categories) to maintain high standards on the roads.

I am also a Regional Advanced Examiner - conducting taxi, advanced and elite driving tests in East Anglia on behalf of DIAmond Advanced Motorists.​ Off the road, I also support the National Crime Prevention Agency and The Honest Truth in educating people of all ages in road safety and many other campaigns.

During my career I have racked up a roster of driving and coaching qualifications including the DIAmond Advanced / Elite Test Award, as well as Totally Training, a nationally-recognised coaching & training award, and many other high-level qualifications. I also hold a Diploma in Driver Education and am a member of the Driving Instructors Association and DIAmond Master Driver Club, and stick to my motto “The best drivers never stop learning”. As well as learners, advanced drivers, occupational drivers and taxi drivers, I also train candidates to become Instructors too. 

Driving and driver training isn’t the same 20 years ago, not even 5 years ago. We live in a modern world where road and traffic volume constantly increases, learning processes constantly evolve and the DVSA test standard constantly improves. As a highly-graded Trainer (graded by the DVSA themselves), I work hard in building up my CPD at training events, development days, road shows and meetings around the country on a regular basis to ensure I maintain my high standards and deliver a more ‘client-centred’ lesson as opposed to many other Instructors. I would consider myself as one of the hardest working and most passionate Driver Trainers in the industry.

As an experienced coach and trainer of all vehicle categories, I’ll be able to bring a wide range of skills to my instructional techniques – which is always tailored to the individual’s needs. I am also trained by occupational therapists to help coach drivers with diverse needs such as drivers with physical or cognitive disabilities, anxiety sufferers or OAP drivers. I hold a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma and other certifications such as Mentoring and Coaching Skills.

I am passionate in what I do and aim to provide service that is second to none."

"Hi my name is Jon and I joined DTS Driver Training in 2019!

My work history includes hotel, restaurant and retail management which has always been highly customer-orientated needing to always be aware of customer aspirations and needs. I am a big believer in customer service!

I have been a DVSA approved instructor and member of the DIA for over 10 years and have coached a wide selection of drivers - each individual requiring different levels of instruction and learning at different paces. I don’t teach drivers how to pass a test! I teach the life skill of “safe defensive “ driving  and with the ever increasing volume of traffic and changing road systems it is paramount that tomorrow’s drivers are safe and have a full knowledge of road craft and safety.

I attend various instructor courses / meetings throughout the year to continue and expand my knowledge and keep up to date with the ever increasing changes the DVSA implements. Like all instructors I have regular “standard checks” to ensure I teach to DVSA requirements and have always gained high grades.

I cant explain the satisfaction you get when your driver passes their test, it really is amazing! I love getting up for work every day and am extremely passionate in what I do!"


Customer Relations Manager

Advanced Driver Trainer