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The Pass Plus course is also available with DTS Driver Training. Pass Plus is an optional one-day course introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Its aim is to give additional driving experience by an Approved Driving Instructor who is Pass Plus registered. The course comprises of six modules, each covering a different aspect of driving...

* Town & built up area driving

* All-weather driving

* Driving out of town including countryside roads

* Night driving

* Driving on dual carriageways

* Driving on motorways

All of the modules must be completed to the required standard. You’ll be able to gain valuable knowledge,  learn new skills and techniques, improve your anticipation and alertness as well as learning how to reduce accidents and obtain cheaper car insurance with many insurance companies. A certificate from the DVSA can be awarded on completion if you would like it for motor insurance purposes.

6 MODULES - £160

The Pass Plus course can be covered before or after passing your driving test, however it is only when you have passed your driving test can the Pass Plus certificate be issued in any case (the DVSA Pass Plus certificate costs £15). Please speak to your instructor about your specific needs.