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OAP Assessments & Training

As we age, our health and fitness (often including our eyesight, physical and reaction times) begin to deteriorate as well as being at a higher risk of various illnesses. Age-related conditions can hugely affect our ability to drive at a safe standard. Many older drivers recognise that their driving ability is changing and so they change when and where they drive - this is often called 'self-regulation', others may be in denial (understandably) and others genuinely don’t believe that their driving skills are going downhill. There are several simple things we can do to help us all continue to drive safely for as long as possible, such as taking regular driving assessments from an Advanced Trainer.

​DTS Driver Training is qualified to provide OAP-relevant assessments to the older generation and support them in further training if necessary and possible, including planning and anticipation skills. We also provide full DL25 and written reports to doctors or family members to support our professional claim. If you are concerned about a loved one behind the wheel, get in touch now! Encourage older drivers to not take the risk. Get that assurance from us and stay safer, for longer.

Our experiences include conducting OAP training and assessments for Suffolk County Council, and hold qualifications that specialise in OAP training and assessments. OAP assessments are usually carried out in your own vehicle.

​1.5 hr assessment or training & full written report - £50