Can I learn to drive in my own car with one of your trainers? 
As long as we are satisfied with your own car, and it is fully insured, taxed, has a valid MOT etc, we are more than happy to give you instruction in your own car. Also you are welcome to take the driving test in your own car (manual or automatic), as long as it meets the standards required by the DVSA. For any taxi, advanced or elite tests, you are likely to take the test in your own vehicle and therefore these lessons too will be in your own vehicle.

Do you offer intensive courses? 
We can do intensive-style courses, however we recommend that you do not rush learning to drive for many safety reasons. Also there is usually a wait for theory test bookings (and an even longer wait for practical test bookings), so you will always have plenty of time to spread the learning process out. If you wish to fast track the learning process, speak to your trainer and ask to have multiple lessons per week, maybe two or three 2-hour lessons a week to progress a lot quicker. Planning with your instructor is the key to passing your test sooner than you would otherwise.

When can I book my theory test? 
You can book your car theory test whenever you feel ready that you will pass your test. We recommend that you revise thoroughly in preparation for this (all our customers get FREE access to theory test practice sites) - we also hold Theory Test Workshops throughout the year to help those who need it. You can book the test online whenever is convenient for you. The Theory Test Centre in Ipswich is at Hubbard House, 6 Civic Drive,
Ipswich, IP1 2QA and currently cost £23 - payable to DVSA. To book the theory test please visit: - Please note that theory test fees for other licence categories may vary.

When do I book my practical test? 
Your DTS trainer will tell you when you are ready to book your car practical test at £62 (or £75 for weekend tests) - payable to DVSA. You must check that it is OK to book this, rather than decide yourself. Also as it is very likely that you will be using your trainer’s car for the test, you will need to make sure that he or she is free to make the test date and time (please note the lesson rates still applies on the test day). To book the practical test please visit: - Please note that practical test fees for other licence categories may vary.

Can I start my lessons from work or college? 
You are welcome to start and finish your driving lessons at any convenient place to you eg. work, school, uni, town centre etc… as long as you arrange it with your trainer beforehand to check that it's convenient with them. If the pickup or drop off location is out of Ipswich, the travelling time may need to be taken out of the lesson time so that your trainer can make their next appointment on time. 

How many lessons will I need? 
Most common question everyone asks. Well….how long is a piece of string? Everyone is different and learn skills in different ways. Your trainer will give you an indication of how well you are progressing throughout your lessons each week. Some people learn quickly and have fewer lessons, some people take longer to retain information and will need more lessons. There is no minimum amount of lessons that you have to have although DVSA suggests that those who have more than 40 hours of professional lessons, accompanied with more than 20 hours of private practice will not only massively increase your chance of passing your driving test first time but also become a safe driver post-test with less accidents than those who do not. Your trainer will advise you when you are getting close to the standard of confident safe driving required to drive independently for a driving test, and beyond. 

Should I get practice with my partner or parents in my own car? 
Like anything in the world, practice makes perfect. The more you do anything, the better you will be at it. We like to encourage our clients to get as much practice as they can with parents, partners etc (providing they and the vehicle meet the legal requirements). However if doing so, please remember to use the skills, methods, routines and procedures your trainer has gone through with you. Sometimes ‘parents know best’ which may have been the way they were taught to drive 20+ years ago, but it’s not always the way we encourage you to drive now nor the standard set by DVSA to pass their demanding test.

With private practice, how do I go about getting insured?
You have two options; One, whoever already has insurance on the vehicle may add you on to their policy... or two, the learner driver to buy their own separate policy for that vehicle. We recommend option two so that if any claim was to be made, it will not affect the original policy holder's claim history. DTS Driver Training has partnered up with "Collingwood Insurances Services" who offers learner drivers the chance to take out their own SHORT-TERM learner driver insurance policy (in their own car or other’s). Collingwood Insurance Services offer 7 days to 1 year policies, and they are currently the only insurer in the short term learner driver insurance market to introduce Third Party Fire and Theft cover as well as Fully Comprehensive. You can also insure a second vehicle for half price and premiums start from as little as £1.70 per day!  CLICK HERE and get a quote today and by using our specific link via our website you will save £20 on a new short term policy and up to £20 off each and every subsequent short term policy purchased!

How much are lessons? 
Please see “Services” 

What car will I be driving?
Currently, DTS Driver Training has a number of dual-controlled vehicles to learn in.... a brand new BMW X1, two Ford Fiestas, a Toyota Yaris and a Peugeot 206 - perfect cars to learn in whilst driving in style. We have different sized vehicles for preferred comfort of our customers as well as customers being able to choose what they want to learn in  for example, manual or automatic transmisson.

What’s the latest time you work till?
As long as it’s agreed with your trainer, lesson times can be absolutely any time of day during the week that’s convenient to you both. 

What are the benefits of Pass Plus?
The Pass Plus course is also available with DTS Driver Training. Pass Plus is an optional course introduced by DVSA. Its aim is to give additional driving experience to a full licence holder. You’ll be able to gain valuable knowledge, learn new skills and techniques, improve your anticipation and alertness as well as learning how to reduce accidents and obtain cheaper car insurance with many insurance companies. Please enquire for more details.

How do I go about getting Taxi Training?
We do provide Advanced Private Hire / Hackney Carriage Taxi Training. The conditions of your licence and what type of taxi test you will need to take will depend on your local council. Please speak to your trainer for advice and guidance, including what the tests will include. As part of the DIAmond Advanced Examiner group, we also conduct Taxi Tests and other Advanced / Elite tests on behalf of DIAmond Advanced Motorists ( If you have to take a wheelchair-access taxi test, then you will need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and we will provide the wheelchair for the training and/or test.

How difficult is the Driving Instructor Training process and what does it involve? 
The qualifying process involves a high level theory test, practical test and instructional ability test. Candidates are limited to the amount of tests they can take. We have different packages to suit individual's needs - please speak to us for advice and guidance. 

Do I need to pass a "Car & Trailer test"? 
Depending on when you passed your driving test, will determine if you can tow a trailer already, and if so what the weight limitations are. Towing more than what you are allowed to in accordance with your licence is a criminal offence. Please get in touch if you are unsure and we are more than happy to check for you. We have provided a little bit more information on Car & Trailer (B+E) training under the tab "Services".

What is fleet training?
In February 2011, history was made in the fleet driving sector when a company was fined £385,000 following a fatal incident where that company had failed to take precautionary measures to prevent a health and safety risk. If an organisation, whether in the private or public sector, expects any of their employees to drive on business they now have a number obligations with they must legally fulfill.  The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a landmark in law.  For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care. Fleet training is training for a company and its employees, tailored to their needs. This usually involves a presentation to a small group of employees, help carry out vehicle and safety checks, eyesight checks, offering a demonstration drive and assessing the employees with their driving plus any further training that's maybe required. Fleet training is usually carried out in the employee's company car, van or lorry.

With OAP Assessments, can we have a report?
Yes. Included in the service, we will provide DL25 and full written reports for a doctor or families to support our professional claim. We will also highlight any development areas and support with any further training that is necessary and possible.

Do I need to pass a UK driving test if I have a driving licence from a foreign country?
This ultimately depends on what type of vehicle you are enquiring about (car, motorbike, lorry, bus or minibus), where you passed your driving test in the world, and whether you are a UK resident. All this will determine if you can continue driving in the UK with your current foreign licence, and if so for how long before you have to either exchange it for a UK licence or pass a UK driving test. You can check the rules for licences from any country in the world via the following link

What if I find that I can’t make the booked lesson nearer the time? 
DTS Driver Training understands that everyone has their own busy lifestyle. If you find that you cannot make a lesson, please speak to your Instructor straight away. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, the lesson will still be charged. This is noted in our driving school's Terms & Conditions.

What are DTS Driver Training's pass rates? 
DTS Driver Training proudly hold a high first time pass rate. Please see “Reviews” for past pupil’s testimonials. 

How much notice to do you need if I was to book lessons? 
Due to our incredible success and high demand, DTS Driver Training is constantly busy throughout the year. The more notice you can give the better - many of our customers even give us at least a few months' notice. However, don't be afraid to enquire anytime, sometimes we may have some gaps to accommodate you.

What do I need to do prior to receiving any LGV /PCV training?

You will need a D2 and D4 form completed for the DVSA. Please see under "SERVCIES" -> "LGV/PCV" for more details.

What safety measures have been put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic?
We have extended our Terms & Conditions to cover the safety protocols in line with the DIA (Driving Instructors Association), NASP (National Associations Strategic Partnership) and DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) advice and guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the tab "T&C"

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