The Training professionals

During your driving lessons with DTS Driver Training, you will be taught a number of skills and manoeuvers to reach a high standard required to pass your driving test and to stay safe on the roads post test. These include... 

* Emergency controlled stop * Reversing into a side road * Parallel park * Reverse bay parking * Forward bay parking * Pulling over on the right, reversing and re-joining the traffic * Turn in the road * Control * Move off and normal stops * Use of mirrors * Signals * Clearance & obstructions * Use of speed * Following distance * Progress * Junctions * Judgement * Positioning * Pedestrian crossings * Awareness & planning * Ancillary controls * Eco safe driving * Sat Nav use * Rural driving *Urban driving * Dual carriageway driving * Motorway driving * And much, much more…*

Bulk-booking discounts available! Please note that you are responsible for the payment of any necessary DVSA Theory and Practical Tests, payable to the DVSA.

1hr lesson pay on the go - £30
1hr30 lesson pay on the go - £45
2hr lesson pay on the go - £56 (£28 an hour (save £4))
10hrs prepaid (5x2hrs) - £265 (£26.50 an hour (save £35))
20hrs prepaid (10x2hrs) - £520 (£26 an hour (save £80))

Please note: Since 01/12/2016 we no longer have an automatic transmission training vehicle and can therefore only provide automatic driving lessons if you have your own automatic vehicle for us to train in (discount applied).

Driving Lessons