The Training professionals

Becoming a Driving Instructor can be a very rewarding career and achievement, being able to help others to achieve their goals. The limited 3-stage qualifying process isn’t considered easy, and the pass rates aren’t high, and it is therefore recommended that you find an experienced and ‘up-to-date’ Driving Instructor Trainer ie a trainer from ourselves, who can help you get the best possible training to get you on the path to your new career as a Driving Instructor. 

The 3-stage qualifying process comprises of:

1 – A high level theory test where you’ll be tested on 100 out of a possible 900 questions with an advanced hazard perception test. Subjects will include road procedures, traffic signs & signals, car control, pedestrians & mechanical knowledge, driving test, disability & the law, publications and instructional knowledge. 

2 - An advanced driving ability test with a Supervising Examiner or a Chief Examiner, where a high standard of driving competence is required. 

3 – A high level instructional ability test, observed by a Supervising Examiner or a Chief Examiner where you must have the knowledge and skills to demonstrate the use of core competencies, instructional techniques and characteristics as well as briefing subjects in different phases from complete beginners to experienced drivers. You will need to demonstrate high level client-centred coaching skills to the driver under instruction.

​FULL COURSE - £???*

*The price is dependent on how much training you need (DVSA recommends a minimum of 60 hours). You may not need the full course and you may wish to do the training in your own vehicle to cut costs down). Please enquire for alternative packages including whether you want to join DTS Driver Training upon qualifying (Due to quality assurance, we only take on Instructors who have either been trained or assessed by ourselves. DTS instructors constantly build on their CPDs to improve on training and services for our customers). Please note that you are also responsible for paying the DVSA qualifying exams.

Please get in touch for more information, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our most recent recruitment advert can be found by clicking here.